Cash or Check

*Returned checks will be charged a $30 fee plus the full amount of service             

No Shows

In the event that I arrive for a confirmed, scheduled appointment and no one is at home and there are no means of obtaining the pet and payment then there will be a $50.00 invoice left for the client to pay. The client will also have to prepay for their next scheduled appointment.


I require a 24 hour minimum notice for cancellations. Emergency situations will be handle on a case by case basis.

Matted Dogs

I will not brush out a heavily matted dog. This is not fair to the dog. I will do my best to salvage as much as possible. There is a Mat fee starting at $15.00 and can rise on a case by case basis.

My #1 concern is my safety and the dog's safety!

With that being said please read below:

I reserve the right to refuse service to any vicious or aggressive pets for the benefit of all involved


Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Thursday 9AM - 5PM

To schedule your appointment please call asap. I make my schedule in December each year for the next year. My schedule is usually booked for the entire year from repeat customers. I do on occassions have cancellations.

Price Stipulations

  • Our prices are based on pets that have a healthy coat and skin. To maintain a healthy coat and skin, pets should be professionally groomed at a minimum of every 8 weeks. I recommend my client's to get on a 4 - 6 - 8 - 12 week schedule.
  • Difficult Personalities (pets or parents) will be charged an additional fee.

What am I paying for?

Brush out / Deshed

Nails Cut or Grinded

Sanatary Shaved

Ears Plucked and Cleaned

Pads Shaved

2 Baths with a Hydro Massage

Blue Berry Facial

Conditioner Rinse

Hand Dried

Breed specific haircut or owners choice haircut

Ending with a fresh scented cologne

Estimated Prices are per dog:

See below for discounts

Small Breeds start at $60.00

Medium Breeds start at $75.00

Large Breeds start at $90.00

Extra Large start at $110.00

Pet Sizing Information:

  • Small- easily carried all day in an over the shoulder dog carrier.
  • Medium- can carry here and there but not all day. Won't fit into one of those cute carriers.
  • Large- can pick up and put on a table but not carry. Likes to try and be a lap dog but a little too big.
  • Extra Large- loves putting their head in your lap while watching TV, but you can't view the TV if the whole dog is in your lap.

Multi Dog Discounts:

If you have 4 or more dogs that are being serviced on the same day then your discount starts like this.

Dog #1 and #2 will be regular price.

Dog #3 and #4 will be $10 off each.

   Dog #5 and so on will be $15 off each.

Add On services


Hot Oil Treatment $10.00

Oral Maintenance $10.00

Below are 5 reasons why our prices are a little higher than your average salon:

1. We save you the TIME that you spend driving to the salon to drop off your dog and later having to go and pick him / her up that evening. Plain and simple you don't have to rush and worry about being on time to drop off or pick up before closing. TIME is valuable and we are here to save you as much as possible.

2. You save MONEY on gas not having to drive to and from the salon, because we come to you! GAS prices need we say more!

3. NO STRESS of going to a loud salon with multiple groomers, dogs, noisy grooming equipment and being placed inside a kennel all day. Your pet STAYS AT HOME where they are comfortable and safe.

4. It's better for the HEALTH of your dog because they are not around a lot of different dogs that could pass on fleas or other illnesses. 

5. 1 ON 1 ATTENTION for your pet to give them all the attention they deserve!


Feel free to contact us at (336) 362-9822 for any questions